[Sat. 6/10] secondnature ft. Sleeparchive (Tresor / Berlin)


secondnature presents…

Ten Hours of Underground Techno until 8 AM.


Sleeparchive (live) [ Tresor / Berlin]

Sleeparchive records are surgical tools, suffused with the heady and minimal loopiness of Mika Vainio and Jeff Mills and the claustrophobic strobe light atmospheres of Berlin techno dungeons. He is a longtime employee of the world-famous record store Hard Wax and a frequent collaborator with Hard Wax colleague DJ Pete (aka Substance) as TR-101. Sleeparchive’s music is dense and menacing, yet full of energy that moves bodies on the dance floor.

IVVY (live) [Motor, Sheik n’ Beik / Seattle]

Coast2C [Blankstairs / PDX]

Raj [Free Axis / Seattle]

DJ Eddie Lee [secondnatue / Seattle]

Kremwerk | 1809 Minor Ave, Seattle

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Photo: Brandon McGrath